Indoor Bounce House Rental Louisville KY

Are you looking for an indoor bounce house rental in Louisville, KY? Don’t let the weather ruin your fun! Fun Masters offers a wide range of inflatables and bounce houses that can be rented indoors all year long. Whether you are throwing a birthday party or an indoor event, give us a call and add a little bounce to your winter plans. Give us a call or rent your indoor bounce house online today!

Considerations For Your Indoor Inflatable Rental

Before you book your indoor bounce house rental, you’ll want to ensure that the venue can accommodate the size of an inflatable. Here are some things to consider:


Are the doors of the venue wide enough? Our standard bounce houses are small enough to fit through most standard doors. However if you plan to rent a larger inflatable such as an obstacle course or inflatable slide, the venue will likely need double doors to get the inflatable inside.


Are there steps or staircases? Our bounce houses are heavy and are difficult to transport up and down stairs. To accommodate an indoor inflatable, the venue will need to be step free to get the bounce house inside.


How high are the ceilings? Most of our bounce houses are at least 16ft tall when fully inflated. The ceiling will need to be at least a few feet taller than this to safely accommodate our inflatables.


Best Venues for Indoor Bounce House Rental in Louisville

What are the best venues for indoor inflatable rental? Our inflatable rentals can be set up indoors as long as the facility offers clear entrance and a large open space for a fully inflated bounce house or slide. We’ve found that the best indoor facilities are gymnasiums and conference centers. Many schools and churches around Louisville offer a space large enough to accommodate our inflatables. If you are considering an indoor inflatable rental, please give us a call and we can help determine if your indoor space is suitable for one our bounce houses.

Below are a few of the best bounce house and inflatables that work well at inside venues


Book Your Indoor Inflatable Rental Today

Our indoor bounce house rentals are available for rent around the Louisville, Kentucky metro area. So if you are planning to have a party in Louisville, you should consider one of our indoor bounce house rentals. Our bounce houses and inflatables are clean, safe and always the highlight of any party or event.


We know you have other companies to choose from when renting an indoor bounce house for your party or event. We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to set your event apart from the rest! At Fun Masters, our customers are the #1 priority. We make sure to communicate directly with you to make sure your event runs smoothly.


Our experienced staff will ensure there are no issues with your bounce house rental. From the time you confirm your rental all the way through until after your event has ended, we are available to assist you in any way necessary. We ensure that your bounce house rental is clean, safe and has the proper equipment necessary to make your event a success! Call us to confirm your indoor bounce house today!