Don’t let the Snow and Rain ruin your Bounce!!!

Fun Masters Inflatable Rentals Delivers to inside venues to make your next party a bouncing good time.

Things to consider when ordering a bounce house to be delivered inside.

• Doors- Are the doors into the venue wide enough to fit the bounce house threw? Depending on the type of bounce house will determine if you need a wider door or double doors. If you’re ordering an obstacle course or a slide, most likely you’re going to need double doors. If it’s a bounce house or small combo, those would fit through a standard door.

• Steps- Bounce houses are heavy and do not do well with steps, the indoor venue is going to need to be step free to get the bounce house inside.

• Ceiling Height- most of our bounce houses are at least 16ft tall. The ceiling will need to be at least a few feet taller than this.

• Best indoor facilities include but not limited to gymnasiums and conference centers (be aware of ceiling heights) please give us a call and we can help determine if your indoor space will accommodate one our bounce houses.

Below are a few of the best bounce house and inflatables that work well at inside venues